An Experience with Faith, Friends and Life

LifeGroups are a small group of students gathering for discipleship. You will have your choice to be a part of one led by a student or a campus minister. Here are the days and times:

Freshmen Women:

     Wednesdays at 7pm @BCM. Email Ashlee for info.

     Thursdays at 5pm @BCM. Email Jessica for info.



    Tuesdays at 8am @Panera/Hill. Email Mary Glen for info.

    Thursdays at 3pm @Hill Center. Email Kaitlyn for info.


     Wednesdays at 8:30pm @BCM. Email John Mark for info.


     Mondays at 3pm @Sterne Starbucks. Email Craig for info.

     Thursdays at 11am @Hill center. Email Ben for info.

     Thursdays at 2pm @Sterne Starbucks. Email Bill for info.

Juniors and Seniors:

     Thursdays at 6:30pm @BCM. Email Joshua for info.